Welcome to Web Publishing & Services, Inc. We are located in Colorado and serve clients across the U.S.

We build both WordPress and HTML websites. We also offer Internet consulting services, content development, online marketing strategy, and digital production services.

If you are a company that markets to older adults and seniors, we have been serving that marketing niche since 1999 with content and website development. We both build websites that are oriented to seniors and offer online promotion to companies that serve seniors.

An overview of our services includes:

  • Industry Consulting Services – Our consulting revolve around Internet service options. This can include trouble shooting a difficult business relationship, to recommending the most appropriate website hosting for your business model to helping you select a domain name
  • Project Scope Development  Not enough companies right a project scope before starting to build a website and in many cases it is absolutly required. A small website does not need a scope, as your Buisness Plan should map out what you want your website to do for your company
  • Website Development – We work with WordPress and HTML 5 template websites with an emphasis on responsive coding. We start with pre-built website templates and then customize them for your needs.
  • Specialty Website Encoding – This includes setting up searchable website databases to auto payment download systems for audio files to Paypal shopping cart set up with website integration
  • Microsoft Word Document Development – This includes building master forms with cells to brochures and flyers with infographics to online promotional brochures compatible with home computer printers
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization – Our organic search engine optimization is part of our content development services and developing monthly content update strategy
  • Pay-per-Click Programs – We set up your Pay-per-Click program under your Google and gmail account. Then we offer consulting as we help you work directly with Google AdWords so the account is under your direct control.
  • Core Google Products – We also assist with setting up corporate branded gmails, Google Analytics, claiming and correcting Google map pages, Google+ Pages and Google My Business
  • Social Networking Accounts – We assist with setting up Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking accounts
  • Google AdWord Publisher – If you have a website that you want to sell Google ad space on we can help you set up the account and integrate the code into your website.
  • WordPress Training – We offer training in WordPress for you and your staff on making website changes, backing up your WordPress website and downloading WordPress and Plugin updates
  • And lastly – though it is our least favorite – We help businesses who are having a problem with their website or current consulting company. The problem may be the hosting, website functionality or a communication gap between the business and their current web team. We have been hired to unravel this type of situation so all parties can move forward.

The Simplest Solution is Always the Best

With all of the above services, we look for the simplest solution. The simplest solution is usually the most cost effective and the best solution for the longest period of time. Though it is generally easy to change out WordPress templates, we look at the long term view of getting a website up and running so the company can move forward and do what it is that they do to make a living.

Call or email us today. We offer a 15 minute free consultation. You can tell us what you are looking for and we will see if we are a match for your needs.

Regards, Karin Hall
Web Publishing & Services, Inc.
Littleton, Colorado

The photo above is from when we attended a Google event in Denver in 2015 hosted by the Denver Chamber of Commerce. The event was, “Let’s Put our Cities on the Map.” Watch for Google sponsored events in your area. Their events are usually very helpful.
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