Why you should have Google Meet in your toolbox.

Google Meet is a very user-friendly video conferencing tool. You need a Google account to set up and host Google Meet sessions. You can start or schedule a meeting with one click.

Participants using desktops and laptops can join Google meetings without needing a Google account. A simple click on the meeting link provided by the host.  No need to install software, and you don’t need a Google account to attend a meeting via a web browser. A Google account is required for mobile users, visit the Google Play store on your mobile device download the Google Meet app to join or host meetings.

When the world stopped nearly 3 years ago due to the pandemic, it became very hard to communicate with my hard of hearing mother. Emails are to dry and impersonal. My mother also lives in very rural area with terrible internet service, meaning video calls are choppy, pixelated, and high lag. My mother does have incredible lip-reading skills, but no one could overcome those obstacles. After about a year my sister working as a teacher’s aide doing video calls for students, their school started using Google Meet. She discovered that it had an integrated AI Closed Captioning (cc) ability.

Yes, you can get cc through most of the video conference platforms, but many need upgraded accounts or third party addons. Google Meet cc is on the main screen one tap and it works great, and its free. Some platforms only work on desktop for cc, while Google Meet works on desktops and mobile very easily. The fact my elderly mother does not have to worry about plugins or adding another account to track is the biggest factor our family uses Google Meet.

Author: Bryant Garten

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