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With the impact of COVID on marketing especially on events, it is time to take event marketing to a new level, particularly for your signature event. By signature event we are referring to an event that is held year-after-year using the same name.

The new approach for your signature event is to have an active domain name that matches the name of the event, and then next steps are to have a landing page or separate event website.

So an event landing page could be built into your website and then have the event domain name point and redirect to that page. This works, although often a point-and-redirect domain name does not carry the same authority in search engines, as a domain name that is connected to a separate website.

The better solution is to have a separate event website that uses the event’s domain name. This is what we did for Colorado Center for Aging and their signature event – Older Coloradans Month.

Colorado Center for Aging (with our urging) bought the .org and .com domain names matching the event name. The primary domain name they are using is OlderColoradansMonth.org.  They are using the .org domain name as the primary and then the .com version is a point and redirect to the event website.

This is our second year marketing with this domain name and the event website. What we are most impressed with is the event website is holding its ranking in the search engines. This made it much easier for us to ramp up the event in 2022.

Another exciting nuance to having a unique domain name and event website is that we feel we be able to promote our sponsors better and we are looking forward to “after event marketing.” After-event-marketing is where we share the videos from the event with those who missed the event.

Bottom line, marketing strategy has been impacted by the isolation brought on by COVID. It is time for all of us to rethink our event strategy and think out-of-the-box.

Learn more about Older Coloradans Month
Website: https://oldercoloradansmonth.org/

And to learn more about May’s Celebration of Older Americans – visit this website:


Author: Karin Hall

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