Senior Day at the Capitol in Denver

Senior Day at the Capitol was April 24, 2019

Colorado Senior Lobby did a great job again this year with Senior Day at the Capitol 2019. They were cancelled twice due to bad weather and then had to change locations due to a conflict in rescheduling the event. The event was finally held on April 24th and streamed and recorded so it you missed it – you can still watch the entire event – CLICK HERE

Colorado Senior Lobby also did a really good job on promoting their sponsors the day of the event and after the event promotion. Check out their “after-the-event web page” which stays up until next year’s event – CLICK HERE

In regard to their “after-the-event web page”, I noticed that they use a web page naming approach where the WordPress web page is recycled each year for the next event. Note that there is no date in the url page name so this makes it easier to recycle the web page:

I also like this approach because then the old event date and information is cleared out of search engines each year. I  think that the organization benefits from the regular changes to that event web page in regard to search engine optimization but the page never becomes old content.

Note that the “recycling of the event web page” over and over works better with a web page as opposed to using a blog post over and over. I say this because blog post pages incorporate dates in the url link while a regular web page does not include a date stamp in the url link.

Before and after event appreciation of sponsors is also so important. First step in regard to the event, be sure to produce good sponsor materials that tells your sponsors what to expect during the day, including parking instructions. In regard to Senior Day at the Capitol, parking instructions are one of the most appreciated memos given to the sponsors because the event is in downtown Denver where parking is at a premium.

After the event it is important to get feedback on how the day went from attendees and sponsors. Listening to sponsor feedback gives you the facts you need to make next year’s event better than ever.


Author: Karin Hall

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