Privacy Statement Template

You should have definitely read about the mandate to add a Privacy Statement to all websites.

We were glad to see Elegant Themes add a Privacy Statement template in a recent theme update. The privacy statement they provide is a good starting point. It is also an easy option to turn on.

The more complicate part of this type of project is how to customize it. Items to keep in mind that impact a Privacy Statement are:

  • Use of Google Analytics
  • Google AdSense
  • Google AdWords
  • eNewsletters

Here is our Privacy Statement that we customized from the privacy statement provided in the WordPress theme – CLICK HERE

If you want more information about creating a Privacy Statement for your website, Elegant Themes has a blog post on the topic:

How to Create a Privacy Policy for Your Website
“Privacy policies are one of the most overlooked aspects of most websites. If you stop to look around most of the popular sites you visit, you’ll find they all have unique privacy policies …” – READ MORE



Author: Karin Hall

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