A New Website is Launched

We have had the pleasure of working with Darleen Bowman, owner of Colorado Next Chapter to build a new responsive WordPress website.

Website: ColoradoNextChapter.com

Darleen has extensive marketing experience including content writing and she played a big part in editing the content from her previous website for the new WordPress website. From the perspective of building a website, it is beneficial to have a client that can help with writing and re-writing the content because we all know that good writing is in the re-writing and re-writing.

With that said, we also need to add that a website is never done and can always be improved.

Assuming we are rebuilding a website, then we take the content from the previous website and move it into a “website manuscript.”

In the content development process we work on a first list of navigation links from top-level to 2nd, 3rd and lower level web pages. Once this Microsoft Word file is completed then we give it to the client to review and edit. The next steps are back and forth consultations, discussions, mulling time, keyword research, and market background research for that industry. From these steps we develop “core-industry knowledge” that we use to edit the content again and re-visit the navigation link tree. Once this Word file is complete then we choose a WordPress theme, images and set up hosting. Next step is to build it.

We can guarantee you that we do have “market discoveries” during the website build process where we edit content and even change the navigation link tree. The beauty of WordPress is that it is very doable to make changes when you are in the website build process. However we cannot stress enough, that starting with a detailed website content file is critical for building a website that will drive traffic.

Special Kudos to Darleen for moving into “https” hosting and a managed WordPress hosting that backups up the website and scans for Malware injection. These backup and daily scanning services are becoming “must have hosting services.”

Now it is time for Colorado Next Chapter to work on her search engine optimization!

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Author: Karin Hall

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