The “s” as in https

It is coming. We have been warned. Have you moved into your https hosting? Obviously we have not moved YET. We actually want to do a little experiment with this website and see what happens when the “https” vs “http” becomes the flagged on Google Chrome and other browsers.

What is the story behind the “https”? The short explanetion is that https in the browser field with your domain name indicates that you are really, who you say are in regard to owning the website. To have an https with your domain name you have in most cases paid an extra fee to your hosting company and a certificate is filed that says that, “You are who you say you are, and you own that particular website.”

Early on https was really only needed if you were conducting sensitive transactions via your website. As the https is being expanded it is hoped that it will cut down on bogus websites, link farms and help with website security.

If you are looking for a more indepth explanetion of “https” check out these articles and websites:

The HTTPS-Only Standard – CLICK HERE

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By the way, be sure to talk to your website hosting provider because we are seeing a wide range of prices for https hosting certificates. Also there are a few free https services popping up, however they are not compatible with all website hosting servers. Here is one that we know of but have not used:


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Author: Karin Hall

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