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For those of you with a retail location, consider having a Google “See Inside” Tour made. The Google See Inside Tour takes the viewer a level above the Google Street View where you just see the location from the street. With the Google “See Inside” Tour you are taken inside the location and can walk through the spaces being documented.

Google “See Inside” Tours are produced by trained Google accredited photographers and there are fees involved with the production of these tours. The “See Inside” tours utilize special software and camera equipment, along with special training that allow the photographer to capture a 360 degree view of the location as they move through the area being documented. The “See Inside” Tours are a good online marketing tool.

In a retail location tour, the camera takes the viewer on a sequential tour of the location and with the mouse you can as the viewer, control the tour by stopping, turning, and walking through the tour online. Here are some examples of Google Street Tours that we have arranged through our subsidiary company,

RiverPointe Senior Living Google See Inside Tour – CLICK HERE

On the RiverPointe tour be sure to walk through the lobby and out the doors into the green space. Then turn around and look up the building. It is quite cool effect.

San Marino Retirement Community Google See Inside Tour – CLICK HERE

Concordia on the Lake Google See Inside Tour – CLICK HERE

Libby Bortz Assisted Living Google See Inside Tour – CLICK HERE

Note that the Google Street Tour Photographer posts the “See Inside” tour as part of the service package. Depending on the Google Street Tour photographer you are using, they may include additional still photographs that can be used on your website and in print. When you get a Google Street Tour, it is a great time to get those extra photographs made.

Google “See Inside” Tours & Ranking in the Google Search Engine

Enter the property names mentioned above into the Google Search Engine, and note how their Google Map pages include links to each group’s “See Inside” tour. If the company only had the  “Google Street View” photos, then that is what would show up on these Google Map pages. For a location that wants to showcase their interior, the Google “See Inside” Tours are a great marketing strategy.

Google Street Tours are Also Entertainment

Google has made a point to send Google Street Photographers around the world getting incredible images. Visit the Google Streetview web pages and you will find tours from all over the world including the ocean, northern lights, rock climbing in Yosemite, NASA and much, much more. The collection is quite entertaining.


One of my favorites is the World Wonders Project

I personally found this quite entertaining – a Street View World Wonders Project. With this collection you can have a virtual stroll through the ruins of Pompei, Stonehenge, historic center of Florence, Banks of the Seine, Independence Hall, Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Palace of Versailles and much more. For those of you with older adults in your lives that may be technology challenged, this is a great online resource to share with them.


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