Specialty Website Templates

Specialty Website Templates are higher end website templates that provide sophisticated specialty website services such as calculators and specialized streaming media on a specific topic. Many of these templates use proprietary Content Management Systems (CMS).

These Specialty Website Templates can be developed for senior housing, real estate, financial services to medical specialties. For financial companies the specialized website templates frequently incorporate mortgage calculators and other financial services in the coding. A mortgage calculator in a website is specialized programming and this type of website can cost more to develop as an individual project compared to finding a web development company that specializes in “Financial Website Templates” with built-in calculators.

For physicians there are website template, development and hosting companies that specialize in websites for physician specialties that include streaming media of medical procedures and pre-produced medical content. A single video of a medical procedure could cost $5000 or more, so the availability of having access to pre-produced medical videos is a cost saving solution. Specialty website development companies have also created website template programs that include medical videos by specialty.

Specialty Website Templates most often have proprietary maintenance “Content Management System (CMS)” incorporated into the code. This means that there is a simple text editor that allows staff to make changes.

If you are signing up with a firm that provides calculators, ready to use streaming media such as medical procedures bundled with a website template and hosting, then it is not expected that the website will use open source CMS. This means that for as long as you have that website you will be working with that company. However, you should verify that the website will have a website maintenance “Content Management System (CMS)” component so you or your staff can make your own website updates to basic text areas of the website.

To find specialty website templates for your industry, use Google.com search engine and search on a combination of keywords for your industry and the phrase website template.

Note that WordPress also offers many specialty web features such as calculators, video streaming and other special features. Within WordPress the special features are usually provided through Plugins. Here is a link to a WordPress page that lists some of the available Plugins:
Website: wordpress.org/plugins/

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Author: Karin Hall

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