Google’s gmail

Want to share a hint about gmail which is if you are starting a new business try to secure a gmail email that reflects your brand.

This refers to having a gmail email account that incorporates the name of your business. You may even find that you need more than one gmail account.

Once you have that gmail account you can:

  1. Secure your Google map page.
  2. Use the gmail to respond to comments.
  3. Set up Google Analytics (and then install the code on your website so you can track the traffic).
  4. Set up your Google Pay-per-Click campaign direct with Google.
  5. Set up a Google calendar for your website.
  6. Your business model may be appropriate for you to be a Google Adword Publisher.
  7. Set up your YouTube Channel.
  8. And there is more …

There are other services from Google that may help you grow your business. You may need to hire an Internet consultant to help you set up the Google services that you can use.

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Author: Karin Hall

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